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For years working in the fashion industry I have always been on the lookout for perfect staple pieces. The ones that make your wardrobe (and life!) work. The staple of all staples, core of all core wardrobes, to me is - the T-shirt. A selection of perfect tees really are essential to completing your outfit, for any need and any occasion, whatever your style is.

I am always in search for the perfect one - whether in cotton, silk or linen for summer, or wool, leather or cashmere for winter. But there are very few that are just right. One could fit perfectly, and another made in a colour to die for, or with a perfect neckline or sleeve. The ideal one has a perfect cut, fit, details, material and colour. In sustainably sourced materials, produced ethically, packaged and transported with a minimum environmental impact, and offered in an inspirational shopping environment where you would be inspired and informed not only about how to style and wear them but also about how to wash and care for them to care for and save both the garment, people and the planet. When unwanted you should easily find a way to recycle it: swap, donate, sell etc. Naturally, the price should be just right - not too expensive, nor too cheap.

This is what midby tees are all about. Premium, perfect fashion tees at the right price, with an added sustainability value  throughout the entire value chain. Available online and in selected stores and we hope our values and ideas will inspire you - just like we want to be inspired by you.


The midby team includes a much loved and appreciated group of family and friends. Sons Fabian and Axel are both T-shirt nerds and have a very clear view of the specifics of the perfect tees for men (men’s styles will be added to the range from AW2019). Lehna, childhood friend and brilliant designer/artist, helped draw the styles. Janne, ex-colleague and the best pattern constructor around, made the patterns. Lidia, our production manager friend in Portugal, oversees sourcing and production and makes sure we have a beautifully and sustainably produced product to offer. Julian, creative genius, expressed the epitome of MIDBY in words. Chic and clever artist friend Magnus made the illustrations. Photographer Pros Ewa Marie Rundqvist, Andreas von Gegerfelt and Alicia Sjöström shot our lookbook images, and dear friend and mentor Margareta is there for us when we need insightful and intuitive advice. And last but not least Helena, digital pro and a wonder of fashion and creativity who created this website. Forever Thankful to you all!

C xx