Our partners make our vision - to create a permanent, premium quality fashion t-shirt collection with an added sustainability value - a reality. Our dream team love fashion and are equally committed to social and environmental sustainability. We want everyone we touch through our supply chain to earn fair wages and to have good working conditions. Our materials should be sustainably sourced and through all production using water, chemicals and energy should be done responsibly. Packaging and transport should be low impact, and we want our community to  be inspired and encouraged to care for their midby tees so they last longer, and to ensure they stay in the loop through remake, rewear, reuse and recycle.


The design process takes place in our office in Stockholm. Our focus is on great style and longevity with perfect fit and details, a minimum of waste through efficient pattern cutting and using 100% sustainably sourced materials.

COMPANY: MIDBY | Founded 2018 | Country: Sweden | Founder: Catarina Midby | Sustainable claim: Premium quality, design longevity, minimum waste pattern cutting, 100% sustainably sourced materials | WEBSITE:  www.midbystudio.com


Every MIDBY product  is made of 100% sustainably sourced materials, certified by an accredited third party. Our first products are made of 100% certified organic cotton but we aim to use wool, linen, silk, leather and Lyocell, as well as new and innovative materials with an added value of sustainability going forward.

COMPANY: ETEMIVOL | Country: Portugal | Sustainable claims: Sustainably sourced materials through ginning, spinning, weaving and knitting | Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) | OEKO-TEX® | Organic Content Standard (OCS) | Global Recycle Standard (GRS) | Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) | WEBSITE: www.etemivol.pt

COMPANY: ATB | Country: Portugal | Sustainable claims: Sustainably sourced materials supplier, dyeing, printing. Treating and recycling wastewater, saving water, using renewable energy, saving energy, reducing chemicals, zero discharge of hazardous chemicals | Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) | OEKO-TEX® | Organic Content Standard (OCS) | Global Recycle Standard (GRS) | Zero Discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC) | WEBSITE: www.atb.pt


We produce our T-shirts with a small family owned factory in Portugal. André, the second generation running the company after his late father who founded it in the 1970’s, is always present on the factory floor with the team. Products are made to a high standard, with love and care, by generations who are paid fairly,  with 36 days holiday and free lunches.  

COMPANY: TEXTIL ANDRÉ AMARAL | Country: Portugal | Sustainable claims: HIGG classified “A company with a sustainable behavior. Good facilities, good working environment, concern and care about environmental impact”  | Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) | OEKO-TEX® | Organic Content Standard (OCS) | Fairtrade certified | WEBSITE: www.textilaa.com.pt


We piece dye our tees. Our dyeing house dye everything to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) standard and have reached their Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals goal, treat and recycle wastewater and continuously work on reducing energy consumption.

COMPANY: CLOTHIUS | Country: Portugal | Sustainable claims: Weaving, knitting and dyeing house with a focus on environmental impact, piece dyeing to GOTS standard | Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) | OEKO-TEX® | Organic Content Standard (OCS) | Global Recycle Standard (GRS) | Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals | WEBSITE: www.clothius.pt


MIDBY products carry an organic cotton neck label, a recycled polyester care label and a hang tag made of FSC certified, recycled paper. A QR code to scan for this information is printed on hang tags for users to be able to make informed choices.

COMPANY: PASSAMANARIAS S. VICENTE | Country: Portugal | Sustainable claims: Producing labels of organic cotton and recycled polyester, and hang tags of FSC certified, recycled paper | Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) | PME líder | PME excelència | Forest stewardship council (FSC) | Recycled certified | WEBSITE: www.passamanariassaovicente.pai.pt


MIDBY tees are packaged in a  recycled plastic package that is re-sealable for you to re-use if you want to send your old, worn out, outgrown or for any other reason unwanted T-shirts to us so we can recycle it for you. In return for your garment(s), we will offer you a 10% discount code for your next purchase on midbystudio.com.

COMPANY: TINGSTAD | Country: Sweden | Sustainable claims: Producing products made of recycled plastic and FSC certified and recycled paper | Certifications: ISO certified | Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified | WEBSITE: www.tingstad.com


Our products are transported by train and lorry from Portugal to Sweden. We send your online purchases to you with the most environmentally friendly and efficient delivery option. A MIDBY parcel will reach you in about 2 – 4 days in Scandinavia, in 5 days to the rest of  Europe and slightly longer to other parts of the world.

COMPANY: POSTNORD | Country: Sweden | Sustainable claims: To reduce CO2 emissions by 40% 2009 - 2020. In 2017 - 32% reduction since 2009 | Certifications: ISO certified, SS-EN ISO 9001: 2015 SS-EN ISO 14001: 2015 OHSAS 18001: 2007 standards | WEBSITE: www.postnord.com


MIDBY aims for a circular process in which we all as users play an important part. Have a look on our care label and website and see how you can reduce your impact by washing less frequently, lowering the temperature, hang dry your clothes and reduce ironing. Also, how we can prolong the lives of our clothes by swapping, selling, donating, upcycling, recycling and downcycling. Finally, how we can shop more consciously, making informed choices. But we still want to and should be able to ENJOY FASHION!